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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Domestic off-shore drilling killed...again....

The House voted this week to retain our ban on drilling for oil and natural gas in our own coastal waters. With gas and energy prices at all-time highs and shaky relationships abroad, it seems like common sense to drill for our own oil in our own waters. But apparently not to mental midgets in the House. Even Cuba, at the behest of communist China, has the common sense to tap into the generous reserves off their coastline. Which happens to be just forty miles off our Florida coastline!

So, thanks to House Democrats and a handful of spineless Republicans, we will stay bent over a barrel by counties like Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. This is the height of stupidity and shortsightedness by our leadership in the House.

Next time you're at the pump paying 50$ for a tank of gas, remeber our wise leaders and make sure to say a special 'thank you' for their wisdom!

(Be sure to click on, and examine, the map graphic above.)


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