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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Rick Monday saves the flag....

Thirty years ago this month, Rick Monday, centerfielder for the visiting Chicago Cubs, saved the US flag from two creeps trying to burn it on the outfield lawn of Dodger Stadium. The MLB honored the former Marine's show of respect last week and linked to the audio of Dodgers' legendary sportscaster, Vin Scully's audio from that game on April 25th, 1976. Listen to the historic broadcast here:


Do you think ballplayers of today would have the conviction to do what Monday did all those years ago. They might, but it would only be the ones from third-world countries like the Dominican Republic or Cuba, who actually love and VALUE their freedom in America. Certainly not the the spoiled, self-indulgent, steroid-abusing, crybaby girly-men occupying most MLB rosters!


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